Now a day's Counselling is very important because of complexity of life. Every where competition is there for choosing your vocation selection of job, sound family life positive, attitudes about our existence and to lead meaningful life counseling plays very important role.


So today counseling is in high demand as a career. In every field right from school, college, career, job, health, industry, society, personal life every facet of life we need counseling. Keeping this view in mind we have began this Certificate Course.

Objectives Of Course

To get acquainted with role, functions and qualities of effective counselor.

To become familiar with the problems and how to solve this problems.

To understand the process of counseling.

Duration of the course

40 Hours.


Eligibility and intake capacity

PUC/10 + 2 pass

Selection of the Students is based on entrance test (descriptive exam) and oral tests.

Maximum 50 Students are allotted for a batch.


Mode of teaching


Audio Visual Aids



Interaction with experts.


Medium of instruction

Kannada/ English


Programme Structure

Scheme of Examination

The Certificate Course consists of a total Six Units with total of 150 marks. An Examination will be held at the end of the course.

  Examination Internal Assessment
Theory Paper I 70 Marks 30 Marks
Practical 50 Marks  
  Total 150 Marks

The candidate should secure at least 40% of marks to successfully complete the certificate course.


Course Syllabus

UNIT 1: Introduction to Counselling

  • Meaning and Nature of Counselling
  • Counselling and Related fields: relation of counseling with Psychotherapy, Counselling as a helping relationship and counseling as a Solution to solve human problems.

    UNIT 2: Process of counseling

  • Steps in the process of counseling: relationship establishment, problem identification and exploration, planning for problem solving, Solution, Application and termination.

    UNIT 3: Interpersonal relationship

  • Social perception, cognition

    UNIT 4: special Areas in Counseling.

  • Introduction

  • Counseling Families

  • Counselling the adolescents

  • Counselling the Delinquents
  • Marriage Counselling
  • Pre-marital Counselling
  • Counselling the suicidal attempt cases
  • Counselling the Drug Addicts

    UNIT 5: Professional Preparation and Training for Counselling

  • Practical Skills
  • Selection and training of Counsellors
  • Preparation of Counsellors

    Text Books

    Counselling and Guidance by Narayan Rao, Tata Mc Graw Hill Publishing company Ltd.


    Books for Reference

    Gelso Charles J: Counselling Psychology, Prison Books Pvt.Ltd

    Kochhar S.K.(2001) guidance and counseling in counseling and University sterling Pvt.Ltd

    Udupa.K.N.Stress and its management by yoga

    Robert .L.Gibson.K.Intoduction to counseling and guidance prentice Hall of India.2005

    Nelson J (1982) the theory and Practice of counseling psychology New York hall.