Knowledge, they say is supreme power. Books are rich treasure houses of knowledge. Reading is one of the significant means to acquire knowledge and information. Reading gives light and delight. Due to unprecedented growth of electronic and print media, reading for information rarely takes place. Hence, setting up of "Readers club" at our institute.

Readers club objectives:

Inculcating reading habits among the club members.

Encouraging readers to read between and beyond lines.

Developing right kind of reading skills and presentation skills in pupils.

Introducing the latest, classics and prize winning books.

Arranging lecturers, workshops to guide the readers for appreciation and critical analysis of reading material.

Organizing reading/book review sessions for the students from time to time.

Organizing exhibition of unique and rare books.

Bringing out volume of book reviews of the members.

Office bearers of Readers Club :
S. No. Student Name Ph.D. Title .
1. Dr. K.R. Siddagangamma Convenor
2. Dr. Gurudevi Huleppanavarmath Member
3. Dr. Ranjana Godhi Member
4. Dr. H.S.Melinamani Member
5. Shri S.K.Angadi Librarian - Member