Research in common parlance refers to search for knowledge. Research is an art of scientific and systematic investigation. Research is an essential and powerful tool in leading man towards progress. Scientific research has lead to progress in different fields of life. Research today is no longer confined to laboratories. The sociologists, the anthropologists, economists and educationists are also engaged in research. So it is essential for the students coming from any stream to know about research. Thus the basic knowledge about research methodology is necessary for every student. The present certificate course aims to provide elementary knowledge about research methodology so that he\she can develop the skills to be part of a research team or to conduct research independently. It empowers our students and increases their employability. It provides the promising students a challenging career. Our present course adds value to the students studying B.A. and B.Com courses.

Objectives Of Course

To familiarize our students to fundamentals of research.

To make them aware of the importance of social research.

To develop skills to conduct surveys

To improve communication skills

To improve their employability

Duration of the course

40 Hours.


Eligibility and intake capacity

PUC/10 + 2 pass

Selection of the Students is based on entrance test (descriptive exam) and oral tests.

Maximum 30 Students are allotted for a batch.


Mode of teaching

A variety of teaching methods like classroom lectures, group discussions, workshops &seminars , classroom presentations, assignments, tests, field visits etc are adopted with the aim of helping students to become aware of the practical requirements of research and to see that students inculcate the personality characteristics of a research worker.


Medium of instruction

Kannada/ English


Programme Structure

Scheme of Examination

The Certificate Course consists of a total Six Units with total of 100 marks. An Examination will be held at the end of the course.

  Examination Internal Assessment
Theory Paper I 70 Marks 30 Marks
  Total 100 Marks

The candidate should secure at least 40% of marks to successfully complete the certificate course.


Course Syllabus


  • Meaning of research
  • Importance of social research
  • Limitations of social research

    UNIT 2

  • Theory and Fact
  • Concept.
  • Hypotheses.

    UNIT 3

  • Methods of Research - Survey, Case study

  • Research Design-Types

  • Research Process


    UNIT 4

  • Methods of data collection - Observation, questionnaire, interview.

  • Sampling - Types


    UNIT 5

  • Editing, coding, tabulation
  • Analysis, interpretation, report writing


    Every student should conduct a short research study and submit the report at the end of the course. The dissertation will be evaluated and a viva will be conducted.