Rules of Disciplines

All students shall observe the Dress Code framed by the college

The college campus is pollution free. Smoking, chewing pan, eating gutkha, use of addictive substances is prohibited.

Wearing identity card badges is mandatory. The same need to be produced whenever demanded by the authorities of the college.

Loitering in the college campus without any reason is prohibited

Outsiders are not allowed to enter the college campus. Our students encouraging such persons shall be viewed seriously.

Driving vehicles/automobiles in the college campus is strictly prohibited.

Disfiguring of compound walls, class rooms, black boards ,plants on the garden, furniture and the infrastructure is liable for penalty/punishment.

Disciplined behaviour with classmates, college mates teachers, office staff, library staff is highly appreciated.

Students who remain absent without valid reasons from the regular classes, tests, examinations etc are liable for serious action, including expulsion.