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Minor Research Projects - Ongoing

S. No. Name of Principal Investigator Name of Dept. Title of Project Name of funding agency
1. Dr. G.N.Sheeli Department of Geography Problems of Drinking water in the Urban Centers of Belgaum Districts University Grants Commission, SWRO, Bangalore
2. Dr. S.S.Masali Department of Economics Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in Belgaum District: An Evaluation UGC Scheme of CPE
3. Dr. S.B.Somannavar Department of Economics The Rise and Fall of Rait Sangh in Belgaum District UGC Scheme of CPE
4. Dr. A.S.Anikivi Department of Political Science Political Empowerment of Women – A Case study of Belgaum Zilla Panchayat. UGC Scheme of CPE
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