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Gymkhana & Sports

The Department of Physical Education established in the year 1933 holds its Prestige by virtue of sustaining General Championship for 14 times in Karnatak University and 7 times consecutively from 1991 to 1997 and 3 times consecutively from 2011 to 2015 in Rani Channamma University.

Physical Education and Sports: its importance

The physical education is an integral part of the total 'education process' and has its aim to develop physical, mental, social, and emotional qualities of a student. It is also a medium of realization of these set goals. The physical training imparts high moral which in-turn is helps in building the Nation.

Our Objectives

Counseling, service for the Athletes

The personal counseling of the students is done to the sportsmen regarding the Diet, managing the injuries and psycho-Physiological stress. Counseling is done to clarify doubts regarding the techniques and career in physical education. The students are encouraged to attend the workshops regarding the Physical Education and Sports.

Skills and Techniques Adopted for training the Athletes

The faculty uses lecture cum demonstration method to train the students in the techniques and tactics of various sports and games. Besides this, the faculty is adopting computer and LCD aided teaching to demonstrate the techniques and skill of particular games and sports by showing recorded matches and CD�s regarding the techniques and skills.

Physical Education Staff

C.Ramarao, M.P.Ed, M.Phil, NET, NIS Athletics Physical Education Director

Rudrappa Hampannavar, SSLC Peon