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Vision Mission & Goals




Having grown from strength to strength" over a period of seventy years and armed with the spirit of modernism, the Lingaraj College seeks to infuse knowledge through curriculum; attitudes through co-curricular activities; life skills and human values through extension activities such that young minds blossom into fully developed human beings capable of shouldering the responsibility of building a new India free from caste, creed, poverty and diffidence. With its excellent infrastructure and experienced and dedicated faculty and the strong support of the Management the college has been striving to create men and women who matter much.


1).To educate the students for cohesive society.

Education of 'students with special needs'.
Education of students from disadvantaged groups.
Education of 'girl student'.

2).To strengthen national identity and preserving cultural heritage.

3)To respond to the impact of globalization, to meet the challenges posed by Information and Communication Technologies.

4).To link education with life skills.

5).To educate for value development.

6).To recognize interface between cognition and emotion.

7).To prepare the student for democratic way of life.

8).To increase the unity of the institution and try for higher goals.

9).To ensure continuous and comprehensive evaluation.

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