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Department of Psychology

Historical Background

Before Psychology was considered as an independent subject, it was an integral part of Philosophy. So Psychology was taught by the teachers who were post graduates in philosophy.

The list of names on the roll of the Department of Philosophy is really thrilling. Those were the persons known for their erudition and high stature as the teachers of philosophy and psychology. The Department of Psychology feels highly privileged to be an offshoot of such a glorious and scholarly department.

The following list of the faculty is ample proof of the role the department has played in shaping the young minds into mature and healthy human beings through the teaching of psychology.

Dr V. H. Date

Eminent Teacher

Dr D. L. De

Eminent Teacher

Dr K. C. Varadachari

Eminent Teacher

Shri T. Reuben

Born Teacher, good debator and Elocutionist

Shri Krishnadev Karnataki

Eminent Teacher

Dr L. V. Rajagopal

Secured Ph. D in 1964 from American University, White Head.

Shri J. D. Anigol

Later joined Karnatak Government

Shri T. B. Bidari

Eminent Teacher

Shri Rajgopal

Eminent Teacher

Shri M. K. Sommayya

Eminent Teacher

Shri Mathad

Eminent Teacher

Smt. V.A. Amminbhavi

Eminent Teacher

Prin. C.C. Dixit

Principal, Lingaraj College, Belgaum

Smt. Mangala Kittur

Eminent Teacher

Smt. Neeta Madinur

Eminent Teacher

Smt. Shahida Miraji

Eminent Teacher

Smt. Renuka Halejolad

Eminent Teacher

Smt. M.A. Mulagund

Eminent Teacher

Smt. Sharada Patil

Eminent Teacher

Smt. B.U. Kajagar

Eminent Teacher

Miss. Deepa Kothari

Eminent Teacher

Smt. Netravati Barker

Eminent Teacher

Miss Nazneen Banu

Eminent Teacher

Miss Rashmi Appannavar

Eminent Teacher

Dr. Setu Havanur

Eminent Teacher

Miss.Rucha Birje

Eminent Teacher


"Development of all round personality"


To understand the Psychological problems of an individual and society; to find out possible solutions to these problems by applying the principles of Psychology.

Goals and objectives:


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Smt. M.R.Banahatti

Associate Professor and HOD



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